I just TAB’d out the chorus to Selena Gomez “come and get it” in two different positions.

Learn them both and decide which one works better for your personal playing style.

Ex. 1 (1st position) Start with your 3rd finger on G

$1. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 $2. 3 1 $3. 3 0 $2. 3 1 $3. 3 0 $2. 3 1 $3. 3 0 ||

Ex. 2 (3rd position) Start with your 1st finger on G

$1. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 $2.6 3 $3.5 3 $4.5 $2. 3 $3.5 3 $4.5 $2. 3 $3.5 3 $4.5 ||

Both examples offer different benefits.

Ex.1 Offers the benefit of adding open chords like Gmaj to the melody.

Ex.2 Offers the benfit of playing the melody on closed strings which makes it easier to add improvisations and embellishments like original licks, pinch harmonics, hammer-on’s and pull offs.

For a bonus ear training exercise try finding the same melody in a few other places on the neck using your ear as a guide.

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I just tab’d out this throwback sweet child o mine guitar lesson

It’s played in standard tuning at the 11th fret

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